Credits & Awards


Truth Lies Beneath (Angle 3 Pictures, 48 Hours NZ) : John

Unnamed Project (in Production) : News Anchor

By The Skin of Her Teeth (Short Film in Pre-Production) : Murray

Dear Universe (Short Film in Post-Production) : Alan


Interception (Short Film) : Mr Grey (Voice)

Coupe de Foudre (Short film) : Older Nicholas

Defiance (Short Film) : Detective Lou


Perilune (Short Film) : Dr Lee

Crimson Fairy Book (Short Film) : George Kembell

Frozen Moments (Feature Film – in Post-Production) : Daniel Thorne


Shortland Street (TV Series) : David Blundell (Guest Role)

Memories of Kevin (Angle 3 Pictures, 48 Hours NZ) : Site Foreman

Buzz-Cut (Feature Film) : Cop

Torn (Short Film) : David


Naughty Bits (Web Series) : Episodes ‘Therapy’ (the Therapist); ‘Don’t Spit the Dummy’ (The Boss); ‘Oh My Gosh’ (God) and ‘The Extra Mile’ (Managing Director)

Wake Up (Short Film) : Detective Inspector Smythe

Incognito (Angle 3 Pictures, 48 Hours NZ) : Father


Groom (Short Film) : Gordon Brice

Fragile (Short Film) : Joseph

Monarch (Angle 3 Pictures, 48 Hours NZ) : Principal

Forgive Me (Short Film – Impact ’50’ Competition) : Vicar John

Trelegy (US TV Commercial) : Grandfather


Anniversary (Short Film) : Barry

A Little Faith (Short Film) : Father

Cynthia (Short Film) : The Friend

The Hampsters (Short Film) : John Hampster

Healing Water (Angle 3 Pictures, HP 48 Hours NZ Auckland Regional Finalist) : Captor

Vagabond (Feature Film) : Stuart

Real Cowboy (Short Film – In Post-Production) : Jake Jones

Lone Crow (Short Film) : Samuel Austen-Jones

Panther Hunt (Web Series) : Dr Patrick Strauss

Loveless (Short Film – In Post-Production) : Father

Baba Yaga 2 (Short Film – In Post-Production) : Fred


Stand Up (Angle 3 Pictures, HP 48 Hours NZ) : Gunman

The Moth (Short Film) : Nigel

Pedigree TVC ‘Child Replacement Programme’ (2017 – Lead) : Father – Lead

World War 4 (Feature Film) : Villain

Mr John (Short Film) : Shop Owner


Last Star (Feature Film) : Captain Foster

Finest Creation (Angle 3 Pictures, Short Film – HP48 Hours National Finalist) : Charlie FlowersAll Bi-Myself (Web Series) : Priest

Distraction (Short Film) : Barman 1

Te Makutu (Short Film) : Father

Last Late Night Ride (Short Film) : Don

Baba Yaga (Short Film) : Fred


Till (Short Film) : Robber

Observance (Short Film) : Father O’Malley

Driveby Stigmata and The Last Communion (V48 Hours NZ Short Film) : Priest 1

Fighting Spirit (Short Film) : Albert

Erase (Short Film) : Huxley Young

Now and Then (Short Film) : Older Brian

Dead of Night (Short Film) : Frank


After Wonderland (Short Film) : Lionel

Urban Turban (Feature Film) : Callum

3 Mile Limit (Feature Film) : Air Commodore

If You Can Get Blood (V48 Hours NZ Short Film) : Simon

Restoration (Short Film) : Art Gallery Visitor

Scar (Short Film) : Father


Crackheads (Feature Film) : Police Inspector

Henchmen (V48 Hours NZ)

ARA (Feature Film – In Post-Production) : Dr Bennett

Velveteen (Short Film) : Thomas

Just Joking (Short Film – In Post-Production) : Brady


Fair Go Ad Awards 2012 : Voice over for the show

War of the Worlds (Live Show) : The Narrator

Perspective (Short Film) : Boss

Grace (Short Film) : Gabe

Broken Clover (V48 Hours NZ Short Film) : Mick

Under The Radar (Short Film) : Drug Lord

Ramen (Short Film) : Businessman

Money Money Money (Short Film) : Bank Manager


ASB (TV Commercial) : Lead (6 months from October 2011)

Bus 35 (Short Film) : Tom’s Father

The Human Trials (Web Series) : Colin Blythe

Dr Who (Broken Sea – audiobook episode) : William Shakespeare

You Reckon? (V48 Hours NZ Short Film)

Head Games (Short Film) : Doctor

White Roses (Short Film) : Joseph

Playmates (Short Film) : Detective Morris

Desired (Feature Film) : Keir Willett

Shortland Street (TV Series) : Dr. Lars Hammett (Guest Starring)


Driveby Stigmata (V48 Hours NZ Short Film – Best National Disqualified) : Priest 1

Big Tits Massacre : Bar Patron

Blue Oranges (Short Live Scene) : Dr. Robert Smith

Mind Games (Short Film) : George

Detour (Short Film) : Bruce

Stag Party (Theatre) : Theo

Continuum (Web Series) : Lloyd

The Deserter (Short Film) : Farmer Jack

You, Murderer! (Short Film) : The Hitman

Old Salt (Short Film) : Social Worker

Compound (Feature Film) : Officer Escort


The Insatiable Moon (Feature Film) : Funeral Director

A Life Worth Living (Short Film) : Simon

South Seas Film, TV and Acting School : On Screen Acting Diploma

Oedipus (Short Film) : Laius


Shortland Street (TV Series) : Bruce (Featured Extra)



Best Actor in a Comedy Asia Web Awards 2020 for Naughty Bits.

Nominated Best Actor at Seoul Web Fest 2020 for Naughty Bits.

Special Recognition Award Winner at So You Think You Can Act 2021 for Showreel.

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